BitZipper er taget af markedet fra oktober 2022. Prøv venligst vores nye produkt Bitberry File Opener i stedet - det kan åbne 410 filtyper, endda flere arkivtyper end BitZipper kunne.





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100% affiliate-friendly program

Bullet-proof system, up to 35% commission

About the program

We will pay you up to 35% of the selling price for every purchase made by visitors referred from your website.

Anyone can join our affiliate program - it is completely free. If you run a high traffic website we can discuss the commission percentage if you are willing to give us extra promotion. Please contact us at sales@bitberry.com to discuss such arrangements.

Our affiliate program is managed by Plimus, a leading e-commerce company. They are handling our order-taking process and will automatically transfer the commission to your account when a sale is made. Through their system you can always check how much money you have made, and they will pay you by check every month. Everything is fully automated and free of charge.

Join now

To start earning revenue from our affiliate program, follow the three simple steps below - it's all free and takes about 5 minutes.

1. Join Plimus

If you are not already a Plimus affiliate, click here to create your free account.

2. Add BitZipper to your Plimus affiliate account

Log in to your newly created Plimus affiliate account. Do a search for BitZipper and apply for permission to sell the product. You will get a notification when approved.

3. Link from your website

Place a link to www.bitzipper.com on your website using this URL:


Replace abcdef with your Plimus affiliate name (login name).

To facilitate our advanced affiliate tracking system you must use the link above instead of the standard links provided by Plimus. Read more in details in the section below.

You can find various logos and images you can use when linking to us here.

Not only relying on cookies

Our system is more secure than what Plimus provides by default. They rely solely on cookies to track your visitors. If your visitor has cookies disabled in his browser, he cannot be tracked back to you and you will not receive your commission.

We have created a more sophisticated system that will ensure you get your commission even when your visitors have cookies disabled!

When you pass a parameter with the format aid=pl-abcdef to any of our pages this will cause the following to happen:

1. All Buy Now links replaced

All Buy Now links will be replaced with links to Plimus including your affiliate id which will cause Plimus to give you commission even if the visitor has cookies disabled.

2. All download links replaced with automated 'custom builds'

All download links will be replaced with links to filenames including your affiliate id, e.g. BitZipper50Trial-en.exe will be replaced with BitZipper50Trial-en-pl-abcdef.exe. When the user runs the program, the installer will detect your affiliate id and store it in the Windows Registry. If the user clicks the Buy Now or Visit Website buttons in BitZipper, your affiliate id will be passed on to the website, ensuring you get your commission. We will host the files with your affiliate id embedded!

3. Other payment options hidden

We normally accept payments from multiple payment service providers including PayPal, TrialPay and Plimus. However, these options will be hidden when a visit is sent to us by a Plimus affiliate.

4. All internal links replaced

All internal links are replaced with links containing your affiliate id, ensuring that your affiliate id is passed to all pages the user visits even when he has cookies disabled.

Test it!

It's easy for you to test if our system works. Try visiting e.g. https://www.bitzipper.com/order.html. Notice the Buy Now links and payment options. Now, revisit the page with your affiliate id added to the URL: https://www.bitzipper.com/order.html?aid=pl-abcdef. You will see that the Buy Now links now point to Plimus and all other payment options have been hidden. Try clicking the "Download free trial" link in the menu and have a look at the filenames.


I hope this has convinced you that we have a bullet-proof affiliate system. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us at sales@bitberry.com - we are happy to assist you.

Brian Rasmusson
Bitberry Software